Meet the Team

Gary Larson - Owner/Mechanic/Sales

Gary Larson

Gary Larson, owner, is a certified Mercury technician. Gary has over 27 years’ experience in business management, sales and customer service and over 37 years as a technician.
Karen Kummer -

Karen Kummer

Karen Kummer started in March 1999. Karen is the office manager and does the billing and accounting. Karen is also an EMT for the Pickerel Rescue Squad.
Brennan Livermore -

Brennan Livermore

Brennan Livermore has been learning the ropes at Motor Sports Marine all his life. Starting out around age 7 being the voice of Motor Sports Marine by doing the radio ads. Throughout the years Brennan has helped install docks, lifts and boats. He also worked boat shows and learned the basics of boat sales and being a mechanic. Brennan graduated from Elcho High School in 2017. He is now working towards his Mercury certification and becoming a salesman.
Kristie Jacobsen -

Kristie Jacobsen

Kristie Jacobsen started in 2006. Kristie is the office assistant and also helps with parts and sales.
Brian Wrobleski -

Brian Wrobleski

Brian Wrobleski graduated from MMI Marine Mechanic Institute In December 2009. He served in the US Navy for 4 years. Brain started working at Motor Sports Marine in April 2010 and is a certified Evinrude and Mercury mechanic.
Gary Rahn -

Gary Rahn

Gary Rahn started in April 2012. Gary sets up our boats and pontoons. He does the refurbishing of boats and pontoons and also helps install and remove docks and lifts.